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Chatty Paula

Updated: Apr 19

Hello there! My debut cozy mystery, Hammers and Homicide, launched into the world last week and since then, I've been having a ton of fun chatting with Booktubers, book stores, writing guest blog posts, and all kinds of other amazing things! I want to be able to keep track of all those experiences somewhere so am putting the links in this post. Maybe it's not the best place to keep it, but until I come up with another solution, it'll work! (Oh, and now I've added An Escape Goat, written by me but as Janna Rollins, into the mix!)

YouTube, Podcasts, and Radio Interviews:

~ The Beachbum Bookworm interview from Jan. 20, 2024

~ Vintage Books Live! interview from Jan. 23, 2024

~ KMUN Radio - Arts! Live & Local from Feb. 9, 2024

~ The Bookish Hour - Season 3, Episode 10 - Feb. 29, 2024

~ Live with Ellie Alexander - Cozy Mystery Author Chat w/Ellie, Anne McEwen, and Me! - Mar. 26, 2024

~ The Bookish Hour - Season 3, Episode 14, Janna Rollins - Apr. 18, 2024

Blog Guest Posts:

~ Chicks on the Case - Guest Chick Post

~ Dru's Book Musings - A Day in My Life - Dawna Carpenter

~ Heather Weidner's Blog - This or That Thursday

~ Sarah E. Burr Noteworthy Blog - Make Note of Paula Charles

~ Literary Gold - Author Interview

~ Dianne Ascroft - Character Interview - Dawna

~ Mystery Manon - Author Interview

~ Jackie Layton - Author Interview

Other Articles:

~ Woman's World Book Club - 7 Reads You Won't Be Able to Put Down


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