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The Zen Goat Mysteries

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An Escape Goat 

After finding long-lost family through the help of a DNA kit, city girl Callie Haybeck heads to New Hampshire to meet a great-uncle she never knew existed. She’s soon charmed by the village, even though the nearest McDonald’s is twenty miles away, and convinces Uncle Will to let her open a goat yoga studio on his farm. The trouble is, she seems to be allergic to the goats. But with her savings sunk into the herd, she’s too far in to back out now.

When a socialite wearing four-inch heels and a dog tucked into her designer purse shows up for a friend’s retreat, the grand opening of The Zen Goat is shaping up to be a week to remember. But the massage therapist she booked for the group’s spa day cancels, so Callie sweet talks her newly found cousin David into coming to the farm and bringing his massage therapist boyfriend with him.


The retreat is saved! Until Callie finds the socialite dead in the haystack with a wine glass shattered by her side and Callie’s favorite goat lapping up the spill. The death is written off as an accidental overdose, but when the goat gets sick, her gut tells her it wasn’t an accident at all. With her business on the line and a possible murderer staying in the guesthouse, it’s up to Callie to uncover the truth and keep her family safe. As she gets closer to the group’s secrets, the killer will stop at nothing to get her goat.

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what my readers are saying

An Escape Goat is a bleating good time! At once hilarious, poignant, and clever, Janna Rollins’ writing sparkles. With snappy dialogue, spunky characters, and a perfectly-paced plot, this is a fresh and fun closed-circle mystery that cozy readers will devour. Bring on book number two!

-Leah Dobrinska, author of the Larkspur Library mysteries

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