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May's Featured Author - Jackie Layton

A big welcome to Jackie Layton, May's featured author! Jackie is one of the sweetest, and most prolific, writers I know. We were both clients of Dawn Dowdle's Blue Ridge Literary Agency, and even though the agency closed when Dawn passed away, we've decided we are forever agency siblings. I was so thankful to get to spend time with her at Malice Domestic in April. Jackie is always smiling and makes me laugh. It's really good to have happy friends!

One of Jackie's many cozy mystery series is the Texas Flower Farmer series. This series features Emma Justice, a flower farmer who rides her bike around town delivering flowers to local businesses. It's the perfect small-town charming read with all the right cozy vibes. 

The second book in the series comes out in just a few days-on May 28th! It's called Clover Covered Corpse and has a to-die-for cover! Here's what to expect:

Emma Justice never imagines working at the farmers market on a normal Saturday morning will lead to her second murder investigation. When two friends become suspects in the latest small-town murder, she’ll help prove they are innocent by tracking down the real killer.      Houston Turner, the successful owner of Texas BBQ Hut, is a hard man and has made many enemies in his life. Revenge, greed, and hatred are some of the motives Emma must sift through to catch the killer. Seeds of suspicion from family, friends, and employees leaves Emma digging for real clues instead of stumbling through the rocky soil of deceit and lies.

Doesn't that sound fun? I asked Jackie why she choose a flower farmer for Emma's occupation and if she gardens herself: 

I've always enjoyed flowers and gardening. I also wanted a career with freedom to move around town and talk to friends and neighbors. Flowers make people happy, and I think it's a good way to connect with others.

Yes, I garden but my current yard is small, and I don't have as much space to grow flowers and I used to. Daisies are my favorite flowers. My first daisy bloomed the other day. For some reason, daisies make me happy.

Jackie Layton is the author of cozy mysteries with Spunky Southern Sleuths. She always keeps a notebook handy to write down ideas for future stories. Be careful what you say around her, because it might end up in a book. 

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